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Hi Brent!

Welcome to the site! If you do go with this build, you will love it. It is a simple amp but has a pretty complex and unique sound to it. I love that you can build it such that you can swap the power tubes and that makes a cool way to really hear the different tube differences. I settled on a big bottle KT66 personally 😉

As far as the 5W and 10W resistors, folks put them in different places based on preference and board layout. Most of the time, folks building for the first time use the two positions that Dave suggests in his book.

The 10K 5W comes right off the rectifier tube. That is part of the voltage filtering/power reduction network in the power supply. This looks like what you are pointing to.

The other 500Ω 10W (next to the one you indicated) comes off the cathode of the power tube. That is part of the biasing network, its a cathode bypass capacitor. Here is some info on that: Cathode Bypass Capacitor

It looks like the pictures are wired like the diagrams and schematic provided by the book and that are on this site. Hard to see the value of the resistor you indicated but it seems right.

I think thats what you are asking?