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I recently moved to NE Arkansas, and a frequent conversation includes statements like “I lost my (wife, job, house, limb) from when I used to smoke methamphetamine.”  Never meth.

well, I don’t even have that excuse. So of course I had a found to the ground lug off one of the green wires, so now am getting 3.2 off of each green wire, and so each tube pin gets 3.2 VAC.

When I tried to measure the yellow wires into the rectifier socket, my multimeter, set to AC, would beep and give nutty readings. But low, decimals…0.234, stuff like that.  So I just tried Dc, and that’s when I got the 380vdc.  I pulled the wires off the socket, and now get 3.7 vac from one leg, and .6vac from another with them unconnected. I’ve used two different dmms so don’t guess that’s the problem.

In all the fiddling I broke a pin of the 9pin socket, so will be ordering more, and I have a spare 8 pin, so I’m going to rewire that rectifier with a new socket, just because, why not?

I’ll post results, and if I can figure how to rest the transformer.

Thanks for staying with me.