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thanks! i’ve been rigging up various resistors between the plate and grid to see what happens but i’ll try this arrangement. How high a wattage rating on the 1M resistor? for what it’s worth my commercial amp (which uses exactly the same types of output tubes in cathode bias) uses a 1.5k resistor as you do but uses a 5w (and does not have the 1M).

Basically, even with a 6k6 (and only into 1 8″ speakers) this amp is alot louder than I was hoping for – and on my other amp (a commercial one, but not a mile away from a PP version of the two stroke) there is a pentode/triode/standby switch and I really like the triode mode because of the volume drop and earlier breakup. I find it a little darker but this can always be compensated with the tone knob.

Also, i like having things to tweak on the amp.

thank you i’ll try it once I can get some resistors and report back.