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It is an interesting mod and worth it if you’re the type who wants to have as many reasonable options as possible with this amp.

It’s just like many other amps out there nowadays with such a switch – the volume drop is no 50%, but more like ~30% ish. Breakup comes earlier. Tone is a little bit darker, you can compensate with turning up the tone. It is not a perfect “attenuation” per se, the tone is a bit more compressed and not as punchy but I find it a great way to lower the volume for practical reasons.

You probably wouldn’t gig or record with this amp in that setting. But I’m not a gigging or recording guitarist and appreciate the volume drop and means of changing up the sound sometimes.

Interestingly, i get more hum with the amp in the triode position.

My other amp, a VHT special 12/20 (a really nice amp by the way) has such a switch and I get less hum with that amp in triode than pentode. but’s it’s a push/pull and I don’t know enough about amps to know why that would be.

stay tuned for alot more posts from me about modifications i’ve done to this amp…