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Thank you Robin.

The london power link was not to their power scaling circuit but rather to a power supply filtering circuit that includes (From what I can see in the photo) a mosfet, some other transistor, 3 resistors, and 2 (22uF 450V)capacitors.

I’m curious what this circuit is doing that a filter cap would not…they claim that this product will make a single ended amp as quiet as a PP and also quiet triode mode hum.

I already have a resistive 3/6db attenuator on my two stroke that I pretty much have engaged all the time. Even with all that and only an 8″ speaker my two stroke is quite loud (did I mention also with only a 6k6 power tube?!) when cranked up and while the triode mode is not as great as pentode mode I do not personally find it “unmusical,” rather just a little damped in the highs but much of that can be adjusted with the tone knob.

I’m just interested in any simple things I can do to make that triode switch useful since I put it there – the hum is bothersome enough that I don’t use it but would gladly do so to reduce volume if it didn’t hum so much.

I am not gigging with this amp as you can probably tell, and I think the amp sounds great no matter what mode/attenuation I put on it.