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Thanks Guys,

The DIY tube amp community is a terrific group of fellows and I believe this forum can grow into something as folks find it. A good thread here and there on specific projects or solving certain problems tends to bring the contributors in.

I run the amp business as an over industrious hobby. I have some good resources I can throw into the pot as needed but won’t wrestle anybody to claim some turf.

I learned tube amps from guys with a real strong HiFi background. One thing I enjoy about Merlin’s book is that he reinforces a lot of what those guys were feeding me. They were always believers in the idea that mojo is just the stuff you haven’t figured out the technology to understand. Hope that perspective is not sacrilegious here. Merlin’s book has a lot of info and he goes right to the point on things. I was a little surprised that I had to slow way down and take in much of the info in baby steps.

thanks for your welcome!