Thank you Beelzebum,

I unfortunately had to return my copy of Dave Hunter’s book to the library – it was overdue. I tried to do some research online to figure out which resistors are the grid leak and screen leak resistors, but I’m still scratching my head a bit.

I know the cathode resistor is the 500 ohm resistor in parallel with the 24uF capacitor (coming off of pin eight), but I’m not sure which resistors would be the grid and screen leak resistors. Is the grid resistor the 1.5 Kohm resistor connecting pins 5 and 6 on the tube socket? The 220K ohm one on the eyelet board between power tube pin 6 and ground? I think that pin 4 is the screen grid pin, but I can’t tell which resistor would be the screen grid resistor.

I’d appreciate any assistance in locating the exact resistors you are referring to. Thank you for your time and expertise!