Thanks for the additional information!

I don’t have a resistor between B+ and pin 4, so you are correct about that.

I checked the grid leak resistor, and It measured right at 220Kohms, just like the schematic calls for. I also re-soldered the connections between pin 5 on the power tube and ground just to be thorough.

I still have a little bit of the static noise at times. The static starts as the guitar notes start to fade – like a strange static “tail” on the notes. Sometimes the static fades out, and sometimes it sustains more or less indefinitely (until I play more on the guitar).

The static seems to be more of an issue at higher volumes.

When the static is sustaining, it stops if I gently poke pin 4 or 5 on the power tube socket with a chopstick.

Thanks again for the assistance!