Yeah, the image thing is hit and miss. The whole system we use here is a bit outdated and the issue is one where I can’t update without breaking something. I have on a to do list to migrate to a better platform but it may cost a bit so I’ll have to hold off a bit.

A couple other things to check on the static issue.

  1. Make Sure all the tube, transformer, and most important, speakers are mounted really tightly.
  2. Check to see if perhaps the speaker is causing the static issue. I have seen this in some Renovo Amps
  3. Check the Feedback connections – this is the 68K resistor that couples to the output jack. I have had some wierd static issues (usually only on one note, ie E all up and down the board) that were presence/feedback related.
  4. Check the output grounding. The jack needs to be in contact with the chassis. I had an issue where I used plastic jacks and there was no ground connection. I forgot to wire the negative to ground and had static issues

Maybe those will help. Glad you found out about the bulbs. I’ll make sure to get replacements for what we have in stock!