Hi Andy,

Thanks for the list of things to try. I tightened up the speaker mounting screws a little bit, and checked the tightness of the transformer and tube socket mounts. As I mentioned before, the static issue seemed less pronounced yesterday, and that trend continues into today. I can definitely live with what I have going right now – the amp sounds really great, and I’m having lots of fun playing it.

I am still unable to get the Attachment feature to work. When I click on either “Attachments” or “Add File” in the box below, I get an “upload file” window that lets me select images from my hard drive. When I select one, it looks as if it will upload, but when I click the “open” button from that window, the window goes away and I’m back to the “reply topic” screen, but no image has uploaded. If it works for you, but not for me, it may well be something weird on my end (I’m a newish laptop that came with Windows 8, and I’m not used to this operating system).

Again, thanks Robin and Andy for lending a hand and helping out the new guy. This is my first time building an amp, and you guys have been awesome!