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Thank you for those possible approaches. The speaker one might be a good short-term fix, as I have a few of them laying around.

On the technical side, and this question would go to both of you guys so far, would the smaller transformer be a burden only in terms of additional cost, or is the Two-Stroke going to lose some of its nice distortion characteristics?

I’m still reading through Rider’s Inside the Vacuum Tube before I try heavier books like Kuehnel’s, so I don’t yet fully understand the interplay between the OT and the power tube. My thinking at first was that a smaller OT transformer, especially one of the same series by Hammond, would produce a similar sound at lower volume. In other words, I suppose I had the idea that it would work like the attenuator. Is that not true? Or is it so true that I ought to just save myself some dough and build an inexpensive attenuator? Thanks again.