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Changed out the Jensen C8R for a Weber Alnico 8S and WOW, what a difference. I liked the amp before but was having trouble getting it dialed in for my needs. It always sounded too harsh with my Gretsch so I would use my G&L ASAT (humbucker in the neck). Also, it never really captured the “tweedy” tone I was looking for. Within a few minutes of trying out the new speaker I found myself detuning my Gretsch and playing the intro to “Twice as Hard.”

I’m a worship pastor and predominantly play in churches so I need the amp to overdrive at low(er) volume with a dark/smooth sort of sound. The tone was good before the swap and would have worked well for the club/bar type stuff but just didn’t sit in the mix right for my setting. The speaker swap definitely did the trick and got rid of the crackle.

Not knocking the Jensen speakers or those that prefer them. It just didn’t fit the bill for me.