OK, Im looking at the “revised layout” (downloaded from TAN). It doesnt show anything going to pins 4&5 of V1, other than being jumpered together. There is a 6.3V at V2/pin2. Nothing on the layout specifies a twisted pair. I havent finished reading the DH build instructions, so perhaps a lot of my confusion will be straightened out there?

Are all of the twisted pairs that I see in amp construction for heater circuits? Why do they need to be twisted?

I think I received a weber PT, dont know if it has a center tap for the 6.3V. What exactly is that? Is it a ground (return?) connection for the heater circuit? Is the artificial center tap thru a 100ohm res to ground?

I really appreciate all of this help – if it wasn’t for this site, I dont think this would end well! :0