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Thanks for the advice Robin, it was a major grounding issue!

In the book DH says to check and triple check everything, I thought that only applied to everyone else, not me!

I left off the connection from junction of 5w / 220k to ground.

Anyone know a cure for stupidity?

Fired it up with EL34 …. So so then plugged in the 6v6 and I haven’t stopped smiling.

I think there is a lot I can do to clean up lead dress etc but will play around this weekend although the hum is not too bad.

My rebel 20 has just reached retirement age!

Andy sent me one of your cabs, my next challenge will be to build one from scratch (freight to Aust is a killer). It arrived in Australia with a small dent in the top near the handle but I am putting this down to character given how far it has travelled.

Overall I am a happy camper.


Brisbane Australia