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Great thanks for the help! I really appreciate it! I have one more somewhat of beginner I am sure question. Well its two part, first would anyone be willing to send a photo of their input jack wiring so I can be sure I have this correct. I am just confused also as the two diagrams for the input jack are different in the book vs. online. So I was thinking an actual photo clearly showing me the connections vs a diagram might be very helpful.

The 2nd is a total beginner question. I am pretty sure I have it right…I have the impedance switch going to positive ( Is this the tip or ground though is my question? ). As of now I have positive as the tip and not the ground.

I just want to say thanks again, this site is awesome and everyone is very helpful! Even for silly question such as mine. I feel like its little things I am not sure of so its nice to be able to find a place to clear them up.