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You have options…. Vox glued the grill cloth down, if you want to do that, use a spray adhesive like 3M 777. Lightly spray the front of the baffle board and place the grill cloth. Or, do it the way Fender and many other builders have done it: glue a 1/2″ wide, 1/4″ deep frame (I use pine) to the perimeter of the front of the baffle board. This allows the grill cloth to float above the front of the baffle and eliminates the buzz and rattle. I use this technique on all my cabs and it works great.

You can see an example of it, go to the “Ceriaton Overtone Special” folder included in my photos and check out the front of the 1-12″ speaker cabinet before the grill cloth was added. You can see the thin frame around the outer edge of the baffle board. I staple the grill cloth on the outside edge of the baffle board. The baffle board is .5″ Baltic birch and .25″ pine for the edge frame, so there is plenty of edge width to staple too.