That might work, to test it, build the amp and leave one side of the OT not screwed to the chassis, then, with the amp on, rotate the OT to find the most quiet “sweet spot”. The rule is to have the windings of the OT and PT at opposing directions, so if the PT is laying down, stand the PT up, or if the OT is going front to back on the chassis, then put the PT side to side. Here are two photos of how I did my first Two Stroke (which is super quiet). Because the 5F2a (tweed Princeton) chassis has holes already drilled, I made offset mounting brackets to use the existing holes for the tranny wiring. I’ve also built similar circuits with the OT going side to side and they are quiet too. As long as you keep the transformers away from the input end of the chassis and at dissimilar angles, you will probably be ok.