Thanks for the kind words – and you’re right: once I finished I did wonder “what’s next??”. I chose the AX84 Hi-Octane which I started in Oct/Nov 09 and finished up in time for the new year (see my pics). Next? A 15 watt ultra-clean amp based on other AX84 designs. All the parts are languishing on a shelf because somehow I got involved in rebuilding an old Triumph motorcycle… Anyway – the clean amp might wait a while longer yet because I’m itching to do some mods on the Two-Stroke. Time will tell.

Ferigno – I never really shopped for chassis because my intent was always to make my own so no help there… If I recall correctly I picked chassis dimensions out of thin air, mostly based on what seemed standard – I rounded everything up so my chassis is a little bigger than most and way roomy for a Two-Stroke. Any of Robin’s recommendations will do you right. Absolutely feel free to ask anything. I’ll be happy to answer if I can.