So far, my build count is up to 5. I have built 2 Strokes, pretty much by the book. I have a third that I havent gotten where I want it to be yet. It has a SS/Tube rectifier switch, and a new tone stack. I am using the Tilt tone stack in it and have not been entirely happy with it. Though I dont think the stack is to blame, have a couple other things to fix before I chuck it ;)

I built a “VOXA CEO” AC30 with Top Boost style amp and love it.

After my first Two Stroke, I built the MOD101 kit from Tubes and More. Its a nice little kit, built around terminal strips. If I have a complaint, its that the construction makes it hard to understand the signal flow. But the MOD people are great and supplied me with a Schematic on request. If anyone wants to try to build one, let me know, I can get you a good deal on the kit.

Now I am building custom designs. I have a really sweet little 20W Class A unit. Hopefully I’ll be done with the tweaks soon and will start selling them. Love the tone on this little guy!