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What keeps tripping me up, is that in the book on the layout @ the bottom of page 181, it shows at the left side of the circuit board: a 25uf/50v cap tied down with a 500ohm-5watt resistor.. Yet you look at the picture on the bottom of page 194 in that same location and there are different parts there: a 16uf/475vdc cap with some little keg looking cap or resistor that I can’t make out it’s value.. This just confuses me. I know we’re supposed to follow the layout on page 181 primarily plus whatever changes have been made. But does anyone else see what I mean? Or am I over-thinking this? I just want this first build to go smoothly so I’m trying to iron out any wrinkles before they appear. I just wish there was an updated layout like page 181 of Hunters book. That would make all of this much easier for dummies like me.