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Hey! First time poster here.. I actually stumbled on your site today and really dig it. I too, am looking to build a “2-stroke”.. but am a bit aprehensive spending $1000.00 on a kit.. I’ll admit after the two videos I’ll post below of the amp that it definitely has $1000. sound. But it seems to me that this amp should be able to be built for maybe $400.? Roughly? I’m a woodworker, so I don’t see cabinet building as an issue at all. I’ve built over 30 guitar amp cabinets for friends so I’m good there.

My question is:
Does anyone have the actual layout/schematic for the Victoria version of the 2stroke? I too have Dave Hunters book but it seems to me that there is some differences just from plain view of his layout from the book and the gut shot of the Victoria amp I’ll attach.. After hearing these videos; I’m sold on this being a good first build.. but I want it to sound like the one in the videos..lol. Know what I mean?