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I don’t find the attenuator changes the amp tone much – the speaker is not driven so hard though and that makes a little difference. There is not as much distortion for the same knob settings with the attenutator on.

The CVA8 is only a 10watt speaker so it really get’s going with one of the bigger output tubes in the amp.

I’ll keep posting clips as I record them. It’s hard to use the amp cranked without the attenuator – it’s so loud even with the 1 8″ speaker.

the attenuator is a great addition – super easy to build. I’ll never use the Triode mode switch I put into the amp again, there’s no point. It makes the amp hum more and doesn’t lower the volume all that much.

the attenuator eliminates what tiny bit of hum the amp has.

If you’re interested:

test1=JJ 6v6, NOS 12ax7 only labeled with “Great Britain”
test2=NOS RCA 6k6, Same 12ax7 as above
test3=NOS RCA 6k6, EHX 12ax7
test4=NOS RCA 6k6, JJ Long Plate 12ax7
test5=NOS RCA 6k6, Chinese no name OEM 12ax7
test6=NOS RCA 6k6, JJ regular short plate 12ax7