Looking good, Paul,
Originally I had intended to use a Champ-sized OT, but after testing it against a 125ESE, I went with the bigger iron. Boy was I surprised when I tried to install the chassis in the cabinet and the bigger OT smacked right into the speaker. At first, I thought I’d be building a new cabinet, but after I calmed down, I tried turning the OT 90 degrees and locating it at the top edge of the chassis. It worked perfectly, fitting with room to spare and no noticeable change in noise or performance.

I was considering adding a 3/6db attenuator or maybe even a voltage dropping circuit (like power scaling) as in Blencowe’s book, but after using the amps at a rehearsal, I think I’ll leave them alone. One 6L6 is loud enough for me to hear (right next to the drummer) and the amp was mic-ed into the monitors so the guitar was not lost in the mix. It was the first time in a long time that I played a 2Stroke out and it’s such fun to play through. I love using it dimed, it sounds and “feels” great.