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Congrats on the 2Stroke kit. Here is a link to the pin outs for the tube sockets used in the 2Stroke (and most others)


The 12AX7 is a “dual triode” tube, meaning that it’s actually two preamp triode tubes in one envelope. There are two anodes (pins 1 & 6), two cathodes (pins 3 & eight), two grid (pins 2 & 7), Pin 9 is the center tap for the heater (6.3v) circuit and pins 4 & 5 are for the other side of the heater circuit (which are bridges together in this application). Tube sockets can have the numbers in different places (or none at all) but the pins outs will always be the same for a 12AX7. There is a blank space on the tube between pin 1 and pin 9. Will rotating the socket 180 degrees in the chassis resolve the issue?
Good luck.