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Well, I finished wiring it up yesterday, and the valves came in the post today and I couldn’t resist trying it out :D

I’m very pleased to say that it works perfect first time, and it sounds awesome! (Going through the white tap into 16ohm V30)

The valves I’m using are :

Tung-sol 12AX7
Tung-sol 5881 (new re-issue)

Never had a valve amp before, but it seems a little toasty out the back? The glow is oh-so good though :)

I’ll tell you how I solved the soldering to the grounding sheet problem : I put the sheet on a hot radiator for a while, then while it was still on there I did the soldering! The extra heat worked a treat!

I’ve added some photos to the gallery – Don’t know how to embed them onto here though?

I can’t thank you all enough for all the help! :D