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Hmm, got me worried now lol! I’m not so savvy on the whole impedance thing!

I have a 6K6GT lying around, but I was planning on using either a single 6V6 or one larger one (leaning towards either 5881 or KT66 for some reason? maybe 2 x 6V6 seeing as i’ve built the 2 tube version!)
Probably just a single 6V6GT for a while until I get another job…

The reason I have a 16 ohm cab is that i’ve lost my job (shop shutting down), and as money is an issue I just bought the cheapest I could get – an Orange PPC112 with the Vintage 30 (got it for quite a good price off that auction site!)

Sometime in the future I may swap the speaker out for an 8-ohm if i find I don’t like the V30 (I was thinking of a G12M? We’ll have to see)

So should I just wire up the White and Yellow for now?
Also, can anybody explain wiring the 3 terminals of the Carling switch with 2 on one side and 1 on the other, with one being a slimmer and smaller shape? I read about it somewhere but can’t find it now!

And sorry for the long post and lots of silly questions, but I’m having trouble soldering the ground wires to the copper grounding sheet? I’m trying with a 40w iron and have sanded and scratched where I plan to solder but it just isn’t happening… the slightest movement and it snaps off!