I’ve never seen drawn plans for the 2Stroke amp. DH didn’t include a design in the book. You could study the photos of the 2 Stroke cabinets here on the TAN site. The “Maggie” cabinet that Weber sells is basically a 2 Stroke cabinet (same speaker and chassis specs).

I have a finished two tone (tan and white) cabinet similar to this:
The baffle is for 1-12″ speaker, but building a new baffle board for 8″ & 10″ speakers would be pretty easy. In fact, I’ll cut a new baffle board with the correct speaker cut-outs (you finish it), if that helps. Let me know if you are interested, it’ brand new, never used and stills need the holes drilled for mounting the amp chassis. It comes with a custom made cover from D2F covers (the best).