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Hi Don, congratulation on the 2Stroke kit. I working on a new 2Stroke using a 30uF cap too. I’ve built a few 2Strokes, all with 40uF caps but DH says 30uF is cool so I’m trying it.

Here is a link for the PT:
http://www.tubesandmore.com/products/P-TF22772. Note that the P-TF22772 does not include a center tap for the 6.3v (heater) circuit so be sure to add an artificial center tap with 100r resistors on each side of the circuit (green taps) going to ground.

You should have received a .0047uf / 600v (or .005/600) for the tone circuit.

You are correct about good grounding. There are a number of photos posted here on the TAN site you can study. Also be sure to read the information under Two Stroke in the TAN Wiki. Also check out:

Good luck, feel free to ask questions as you go.