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For me, a single weber CVA8 – alnico 8″ 10 watt speaker. Sounds really good and mid-emphasized at 8-10 on the volume with a humbucker, but too loud for a single family home (and that’s with only a 6k6 power tube).

Clean is nice but alot nicer through a 1×12 pine cabinet with a 50 or 75w Fender OEM ceramic speaker – more rounded with more bass and treble.

Haven’t tried a 2 speaker combo since that’s not what I need this amp to do (the small 1×8″ combo is very light and compact). with a simple resistive attenuator tucked in the cabinet dead space it’s a really great practice amp. Can crank it with great results with 3 or 6 db attenuation. Don’t get the same speaker roar (I am convinced that driving the 10 watt speaker with the amp at or above 9 with 5-10 watts of power from 6V6 or EL34 is part of the magic) but it’s a good way to get tube distortion at reasonable volumes.