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    Below is the collection of NOS tubes that I pulled out of my warehouse. We used to service TVs as well as audio, so many of these are for IF and VHF but there are a lot of AF ones as well.

    I would like to build some amps from what I have in stock. Initially I see the possibility for something like VOX AC4s and AC15s as I have EF86s. I have also been thinking of a push pull using the EF86s as pre and the 6GW8s in a pp config. I have EZ80s and EZ81s as well as a few other rectifiers.

    If anyone has any ides, let me know. If I have any tubes you GOTTA have, let me know that as well and unless I NEED it, I’ll send it to you.

    6BE6 RCA
    6gk5 GE
    ELL80 Lorenz
    6AG7 GE
    6HA5 / EC900 Amperex
    6EH7 / EF183 Amperex
    6EH7 / EF183 GE
    5879 GE
    12DT8 Dumont
    35L6GT Brimar and GE
    35c5 Dumont
    6AM8A GE
    6CM7 GE
    6bf6 Dumont
    6BC8 GE
    6BS8 GE
    6DE7 GE
    10DE7 GE
    6ES8 – ECC189 GE
    6922 Amperex
    6BZ7 / 6BQ7a Amperex
    6GW8/ECL86 GE
    6AX5GT GE
    6CA4 EZ81 Dumont
    6v4 / EZ80 GE
    6bn6 Dumont
    6EW6 GE
    35W4 Amperex
    6AL5 Dumont
    6AL5 GE
    6267 EF86 GE
    TJ880 Jerrold
    7861 / 5670 GE
    5763 GE
    6HB7 GE
    6AK5 / EF95 GE
    6267 EF86 Amperex
    50EH5 GE
    6EW6 GE
    12AU6 GE
    5AQ5 Dumont
    TS876C GE
    6BW4 Dumont
    6BK7B GE
    6DT8 GE
    6u8 / 6ea8 GE
    6c4 Amperex
    5823 GE
    6ua8 GE
    6CG8A GE
    6CL8A GE
    6AU8 Dumont
    6X8A Dumont
    6DX4 HK
    12SH7 RCA
    6CB6A / 6676 Dumont
    6CB6A / 6676 /6CF6 GE
    6HQ7 GE
    6EV5 GE
    6FY5 GE


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