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Two Stroke Tube Amp Kit (no speakers)


The Two Stroke amplifier is a fantastic first, second, or anytime build. It sounds absolutely fabulous and allows you to experiment with power tube options. The kit comes with three different power tubes so you can hear the differences. It runs between about 4 and 11 watts depending on which power tube you install. Sounds great with the recommended 10″ and 8″ Jensens, or a myriad of 10″ and 12″ speakers.

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If you always wanted to build you own guitar amp, this tube amp kit is the perfect starter. We have found that one of the best beginning resources on tube amplifiers is Dave Hunter’s book “The Guitar Amplifier Handbook”. In this book, Dave gives detailed instructions for building an amp called the Two Stroke. In the interest of helping people build this fantastic amp, we have assembled this tube amp kit with all the parts necessary and are selling it for nearly the cost of parts.

For most of you, this will be an introduction to amp building. One of the unique things about the Two Stoke tube amp kit is it’s ability to handle different tube types. The tube amp kits we are offering all contain everything you need to make a working amp. Some parts may vary due to availability, but the key (unchanging) components are:

  • 1 12AX7 Preamp Tube (JJ)
  • 1 5Y3 Rectifier Tube (JJ or Sovtek)
  • 1 6L6GC Power Tube (JJ)
  • 1 6V6 Power Tube (JJ)
  • 1 EL34 Power Tube (JJ)
  • Mallory 150 Series Coupling Caps
  • Chassis (requires minimal drilling)

All tubes are new production. 

Please note that the tube amp kit relies on Dave Hunter’s Guitar Amplifier Handbook for detailed build instructions. We provide a layout and schematic for the amp and the Tube Amp Network is available to help in building it, but it is advisable to purchase a copy of the book to aid you in the build. You can get the book on Amazon here: Dave Hunter’s Tube Amp Handbook

All the necessary component parts and wire is included. Mounting hardware and cabinet is not included. Slight modifications to the chassis may be necessary and require the ability to drill steel. Kit components may vary from picture.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for shipping.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 7 in