Build your own Two Stroke tube guitar amplifier! The Tube Amp Network exists to help people learn the ins and outs of tube amplifier building. One of the best ways to learn is to get in and build one yourself. We have found that one of the best beginning resources on tube amplifiers is Dave Hunter’s book “The Guitar Amplifier Handbook”. In this book, Dave gives detailed instructions for building an amp called the Two Stroke. In the interest of helping people build this fantastic amp, we have assembled all the parts necessary and are selling it for nearly the cost of parts.


For most of you, this will be an introduction to amp building. One of the unique things about the Two Stoke is its ability to handle different tube types. With these things in mind, the kits we are offering all contain the following:

  • 1 12AX7 Preamp Tube
  • 1 5Y3 Rectifier Tube
  • 1 6L6GC Power Tube
  • 1 6V6 Power Tube
  • 1 EL34 Power Tube
  • Mallory 150 Series Coupling Caps
  • Chassis (requires minimal drilling)

All the tubes are new production.You will likely want to swap them out for some NOS tubes but for the sake of this kit, we will stick to what is readily available and consistent across kits. That way, we can also offer better help on voltage levels when building. Please keep in mind that some parts of the kit may change over time to keep pricing low.


The pricing on the kit is as follows:

KIT with SPEAKERS: $600
KIT without SPEAKERS: $550

Note: We no longer carry cabinets but would be happy to suggest some suppliers that could help you find one. We may pick this up again in a couple of months but for now we are out of stock indefinitely.

Please note that the kit relies on Dave Hunter’s book for detailed build instructions. We provide a layout and schematic for the amp as well as a lot of help in building it through the TAN, but it is advisable to purchase a copy of the book to aid you in the build. At some point in the future, we hope to get a walk through created but we might be a few months out on that.


Each audio file has three parts. All parts were played with a Nashville Telecaster. Riff 1 is a bluesy number with pickup in the neck position, no pick used. Riff 2 is a funk progression in the middle pickup position, thin pick used. Riff 3 is a chord progression, bridge pickup position with a thin pick. Each clip cycles the above 3 riffs with the following amp settings.

The clips were recorded dry and then Reamped for consistency across the samples. The Two Stoke used is fitted with a NOS GE 6V6, NOS GE 12AX7, and NOS GE Rectifier with the rest of the kit as supplied by the TAN kit.

Two Stroke with volume and tone at 8 position, no boost:


Two Stroke with volume and tone at full 12 position, no boost:


Two Stroke with volume and tone at full 12 position, boost switch cycled between 3 positions (note, boost switch pop modification is installed):