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Thanks to everyone one who chimed in on Guitars Canada https://guitarscanada.com, Tube Amp Network (https://www.tubeampnetwork.com), diyAudio (https://www.diyaudio.com), and TDPRI (http://www.tdpri.com)

The consensus is that the Hammond 290 AX (https://www.hammfg.com/part/290AX) should be fine for the Two-Stroke.
Some other interesting observations:

“There have been reports that the 200 series can run hot, and can even buzz IIRC, so if you are the type who wants extra quality and is willing to spend more to get it, then the 300 series is better.”

The 291AEX (https://www.hammfg.com/part/291AEX) is an “upgrade” version of the 290AX and in addition to supporting export voltages
“291AEX uses high grade 29M6 magnetic steel laminations for reduced losses, more surge output power, cooler operation & longer life.”