There isnt a list of hardware yet, but I plan a build in the next couple of weeks with my son so I can document it. Most folks use the Unibit or a stepped bit to drill the hole for the Impedance Switch in the back. You can do the same for the second 1/4″ jack if you want, but I tend to leave just the one and then wire the speakers to each other like most modern amps do.

For the Output Transformer, wiring it diagonally is the best option. See images.

For hardware, I dont know the exact sizes as I usually just grab what I have around. But here is what you should need:

  • Output Transformer (2x nuts/bolts/lock washers)
  • Input Transformer (4x nuts/bolts/lock washers)
  • Tube Sockets (6x nuts/bolts/lock washers)
  • Main Board (4-6x nuts/bolts/lock washers)

I *think* thats it?