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I spent the better part of the weekend putting some of your mods onto a Tan Two Stroke schematic, it took forever to find good tube simulation symbols, but in the end… I’ll share that later today.

I got my first batch of Weber signature AlNicos on Friday, 8″s and 10″s and put an 8″ into an existing PA speaker box I had. At first I wasn’t real pleased with it as I was previously using the 12″ in the Blues Jr. By the next day I had the guitar and amp levels figured out though and realized that the speaker / amp combination is very sensitive to playing style. Eventually I had is set so that normal playing was fairly clean but if I dug into it at all, a nice, mellow distortion would come on. If I really dig into it speaker distortion (I think) becomes a factor, a nice factor, and I get that nice creamy sound we old guys like.

I’ll get that print up later for you to check out.