I’ll see about some sound samples. This one sounds at least as good as the others, maybe a little tighter bottom with the bigger transformer and SS rectifier.

Amps in class A tend to run warmer than other amps, the first Vox AC-30s use to burst into flames. I have several single-ended, class A amps and they all run hot. I am building the head cabinet with ports in the front for “flow-thru” ventilation (similar to a Two Rock cabinet). I don’t expect to need a fan. I run my other Two Strokes wide open all the time and although they get hot, I’ve not had a problem, it’s not much power.

I have yet to post any info on the new 30 watt amp I recently built similar to the original AC-30 (no top boost) or a Dr Z Stang-ray, (4-EL-84s) but I added Vox style vents to the combo cabinet after seeing how warm the chassis gets. With the vents added, it runs at a reasonable temp., even after being on for several hours.