Sounds like you read the “Breaking in your speaker” post in the TAN forum topics. I think Andy has had good luck with the 1/3 power process.

I use Ted Weber’s original formula that can be found here:

There has been some controversy about how safe these processes are, so be aware that apparently some people have damaged speaker trying to do it. I’ve never had a problem and I’ve done a number of speakers. Some speakers have a more dramatic change (like the C10Q) but most have had a discernible improvement.

I first tried isopropyl alcohol as a solvent for the edge doping but it had no effect……lacquer thinner on the other hand, works great. Rubber cement thinner and acetone would probably work too, I’ve never tried those.

I get the speaker going on the Variac and then gently wipe the edge dope a few time around with a paper towel moistened with lacquer thinner. It does not take much and you can hear the change.

I am not recommending that you do it, some guys think this process is a terrible way to break in a speaker. I’m just saying it was worked well for me. All those chemicals are harmful and depending on how much power your speaker is rated for, it can get loud.