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Hello everyone. Well tonight Ill post a photo of my amp. I have not been able to work on it much as I have been busy. However I checked the continuity and it seems to die off at right before the 68K resistor coming off the input jack to the V1 pin 2. I have no more loud hum just complete silence now? I am going to check all my wiring and hopefully that will correct my problem. I have a question regarding ground…so the input jack where is the easiest place to ground this? It is OK to ground of a bolt on the V1 or something similar? I will add some more info when I get more information. I will also post a photo. Maybe someone will see an error in my wiring. I have checked numerous times and I feel fairly confident its correct. I guess I was happy that my hum is gone, however the continuity test is leading me to believe that my problem is the input jack or a bad solder there perhaps?