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Hi guys thanks, when I get home tonight I will check the voltage at these points. I am curious how do I check the voltage above and below the plates? Also, as far as grounding goes is there a specific place I should ground to when checking these values?

Also another nub question, so if I check one of the terminals on the 6.3V supply to the pilot light, and the other end grounded say at the star ground, I get about 3.1 V. So is this correct should I be getting only have the volts from each Green wire from the PT? The tubes seem to be fine as far as heater element lighting up and the bulb is glowing, so just making sure. I thought I was right getting only 3.1V at each wire, but just to verify. I will post my new voltages tonight when I get home. I have some photos of my board, but its hard to see the wires so was not sure it was worth posting. I will though just in case. I also will check the Resistance across the tip to pin #2 on V1 see if I get 68K.

One other concern, is when testing the resistance of the 68K resistor that joins the 1.5K resistor in the center of the board, it reads more lik 20K? It reads 68K before I wire it in the board but as soon as it is wired it drops? Did I do something wrong or is this correct? I was concerned that an improper resistance might lead to excessive voltage…