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So in the middle of some testing…the Plate voltage is like 280 on BOTH sides of the resistor! Could my resistors be bad? They both seem to read fine when i check resistance. I am going to verify that they are still showing that value. I also have 68K resistance from tip to far side of the 68K resistor on the way to pin 2. I also have no continuity when the jack is plugged, between tip and ground, which I believe is good! On to collect more numbers.

So would a high voltage on the 12ax7 cause no sound? Interesting also, when i connect my VOM to the preamp side of the 100K, my speaker has a low hum, but when i disconnect its completely silent again. I dont see a bad solder, but could a cold solder do this? And perhaps my VOM is fixing it temporarily when attached? Ahhh the joys and nightmare of trouble shooting!