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So I am done with the amp…well sorta…
Its seems to be somewhat working but no guitar sound! :(

The power is fine, and the tubes seem to work, at least they are lighting up. I have not checked the voltages while its on, yet. I am a bit nervous to try it yet!

Anyway I just get a loud hum from the speaker and the volume knob seems to have no effect. So I have two questions….

1. What is the correct wiring of the input jack> Its seems odd to me like we are wiring all the 3 tabs together? There is a 1M resistor running from 3 to 1 and and wire from 2 to 1? then 1 is grounded and sent to the mini switch as well as to the 1.5K resistor? Is all of that correct? I feel like that is where my problem is but not sure.
2. Well just wondering if I had some wires too long, say like the input wires from the jack to the board, would that make it motorboat? Is that the loud hum I hear? Any help would be awesome!!