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Thank you for the info and the picture! I was wondering if I could just wire the resistors directly to the ground or if I was going to need to use some wire. Looks like they can reach the ground lug directly, that will be easier than splicing in some wire.

One last item, I just noticed something on your wiring diagram that is not in the book. On the input jack you show a wire from the center tap to the ground tap (common actually?) or the one that the center setting of the boost switch attaches to. Do I need this? It looks like the center lead is the one that disengages when you plug the patch cable into the input for your guitar so I am guessing it should go somewhere to likely reduce noise when you do not have an instrument plugged in? I will follow your newer schematic, but I am just curious why Mr. Hunter did not have that…

Thanks again for the pic that is a great help and makes me feel less nervous about doing something not on the drawing :).

Charles O.