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The input jack illustration in the book is misleading (but sorta correct if you know how to interpret it). The correct hookup for the input jack is: tip lug goes to pin 2 of V1, the shielding for that lead goes to ground on one end of the wire only (to avoid a ground loop), tape or heat-shrink the other end so it does not touch anything. The Ring lug wires to ground (the same one as the pots and preamp grounds) and the other lug wires to the Ring lug (so the input is sent to ground when nothing is plugged in) for prevent noise. The 1M resistor goes between the tip lug and the ground lug on the input jack. The 68k resistor between the input jack and pin 2 is optional, the Two Stroke design does not need it, but it won’t hurt anything the leave it there.