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Thanks for quick answer, AJ.
I didn’t expect the 275 would have enough juice to reach some of those voltage ranges either. Can I follow up with a noob PT wiring question?
I’m stumped/terrified about wiring the PT, specifically whether to tie off or ground the extra leads. Here’s my PT:
(not sure that uploaded – I’ll post it to the gallery if not.)

DH writes, and the schematic shows, grounding the CT’s for the HighVoltage pair and the 6.3v heater pair. I think I can follow that correctly. But I’ve also got an unused wire on the primary side (blue in the .gif, for 115vac supply). In the secondary, there’s a gray 55v
lead (presumably for bias supply) and the spare 6.3v (green/yellow).

Which of these get taped/shrink-wrapped and which go to ground?