Here’s what I’m thinking of converting the Two Stroke to…

AA764 with Tweed Mod (bypassed tone section).
That means adding one 12AX7 to power the vibrato and getting rid of the input resistor/cap selector switch (which I don’t use). I would only need three pots on the front (vol, speed, intensity). Depending not the sound I may also mess with the Negative Feedback Loop i.e.. keep the Two Stroke values or make it switchable (on/off).

No power transformer changes and I would still get to keep the variable output (power tube swapping and speaker options) that I really make use of in the Two Stroke design.
Without the need to drive the tone pot of the amp I would add a touch of gain to the amp and I play through single coil or low output (TV Jones) pickups that would be nice.

Minimal chassis mods: add one tube socket and relocate the output jacks.
Still very similar to the tweed champ circuit.
Here’s the AA764 schematic showing removal of the tone section: