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I have a clue or two.
So I tried another new jj 5y3s tube in rectifier, and still no joy.
I have 345 vac going to pins 4 and 6 from the red pair, and 5.3 vac from yellow. But as before, there’s apparently no output from pin 8.
At the junction of the first filter cap, 5w resistor and blue OT wire, I only have 320 milli volts DC.
The pilot light lights, and there’s low ac voltage to one leg of the power tube(s)

From the lamps, the innermost (I’m guessing positive) lug reads 6.5vac, while the second, negative lug doesn’t have any voltage. All these readings made with the neg probe of the multimeter clamped to the chassis. Correspondingly, there’s 6.5 at pins 4+5 of v1, but none at pin 9. There’s 6.3 at pin 2 of v2, but none at pin 7. The tubes light but dimly. Rectifier I get 5.2 at pin 2 but nada at pin 8.
My first question regards grounding the filter caps. The diagram shows just the 18uf cap being grounded, but does that dotted line underneath mean all three should be on a grounded bus? I tried both way, made no difference I could see.
I’ve attached some pics. I know I’m asking a lot, but I’m ready to throw this thing in the ocean. That’s pretty bad, cuz I live in Arkansas so will have to drive a thousand miles to do that.

All hints helps and even criticism greatly appreciated.