Three questions:

I don’t see the output transformer on the layout diagram. I looked at some pics here, and I dont see it in these pics (at least in the pics I saw). I assume it’s there somewhere because I got one in my kit? :0

And, the boost switch on the layout diagram doesn’t show the 1M resistors to ground. Is this common, in that not every component is shown on the layout diagram?

Finally, V1 pins 4 & 5 are tied together on the layout diagram (heaters for both sides of the tube?), but dont go anywhere. I assume this is either the positive or negative heater supply. From what I understand, the heater circuit is just a simple loop from the 6.3V taps on the PT. Does it not matter which pin is + and which is – ? Should I run the heaters for both V1 and V2 in series?

Thank you!