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    Hi there,

    I decided to build a 2 Stroke amp as an intro to valve amps after reading Dave Hunters’ “Updated and Revised Edition” book. Buying a kit wasn’t really an option in the UK, so I sourced everything myself, got a schematic off the net and built the thing. Few design headaches along the way, but after some creative thinking, everything was sorted, it was built, and is working fine. I gave it to my son as a birthday present. he loves it.
    Wanting to use other valves as it should be capable of, I became aware that after this “revised” design, such as dropping to one power valve, there were other changes to the design, which folks refer to in numerous forums. What I could do with knowing is, is there anywhere that any, or all of these changes are available to view, or is that info only available to folks who have bought a kit?

    Phil (UK)


    Sorry this is so late! All of the kit documents are available on the WIKI page. That included the Addendum made by Dave Hunter to document changes to the kit. Here is the link to the Addendum:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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