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    Well it is done. Double checked everything at 1:00 AM and found a wire that I had forgotten completely! I would say it is very worth your while to follow Mr. Hunters instructions to check everything three times as the last step! That is what I get for moving the output jacks and the impedance switch around. Totally had forgotten the wire from 68K resister to the first output jack (likely because I moved the jacks to the far right), what a pain to weave that in through the other wires :). After that I went back and checked everything again and didn’t find anything wrong this time.

    So I plugged her in at 2:00 AM. No sparks or smoke and no odd noises… Next I flipped the power switch and the lamp came on, yes it works! Then I thought hum, still no noise it should be humming, leaned down and yes it was humming. My computer fan was louder so I couldn’t hear it unless I leaned down to the speakers! Shut the PC down and yes I could hear it then. Sat there for 5 min before I went up stairs to get my Strat, left it up stairs so I would wait, plugged her in a turn the vol to 3. Sounded good with the boost set to the middle setting, but man my guitar was out of tune :). Got out the tuner tuned up and started playing. Sounds great with less noise than my girlfriends blues junior. There is a bit more hum with the other two boost settings but not by very much. At about 2:30 AM my German Short-hair Pointer came down stairs to glare at me for waking him up, but not a peep from the Girlfriend till this morning. She said it sounded good, after I tuned the guitar :P .

    Well spent most of today helping to rebuild my GF’s mothers deck so have not gotten to play much more today but I will be for at least an hour once I get done here with this post.

    Here are a couple more pictures and will see about setting up a folder for build pics.

    Thanks for the help and putting these kits together! I had a great time and now I have a great new amp.



    looking good, nice job.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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