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    I recently completed my first Two-Stroke build. I’m getting “good” speaker hum and the speaker works fine if I plug it over into my son’s BDRI, but I’m getting no sound from a guitar plugged into the input jack. I’ve read every post on the TAN, and it seems like it ought to be caused by a ground in the signal path, but I can’t find one. I googled for some trouble-shooting tips, and someone had posted to plug a guitar cable into the jack and test continuity from tip to shaft. Instead of one meg for the hum resistor, I get 488k. But if I desolder the resistor, it reads 1M. I don’t know if that would be low enough to lose the signal, though. Any thoughts, anyone? Also, the voltages from the PT are higher than the schematic calls for. 347vac on the red wires, instead of the 275 it shows on paper. That’s giving me 388vdc off the rectifier, and then 346 and 234 after the dropping resistors. Too much? Please, anyone, give me some tricks for finding my signal.


    Did you find a six for your amp?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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